I’m Hannah.


I help compassionate professionals become confident and influential. 

Is this you?

  • Are you prone to caring and giving so much that there is nothing left for you?​

  • Have you become exhausted by your job, sometimes to the point of daily dread?​

  • Is it difficult to figure out what to do about your frustrations, leaving you feeling powerless?

You are not alone.

Recently, I've helped clients:​

  • Go from hiding and avoiding to speaking up and being a highly respected colleague whom people seek out for advice.​

  • Finding out the parts of the job they love, and find ways to minimize the parts that drain them.​

  • Set and maintain boundaries without feeling mean or selfish (so they can have a LIFE!). 


It's time for you to BEAT BURNOUT and take charge of your work and life. Join me for my next program, starting in June 2019.


I’m equal parts passion and pragmatism, and I'm hell bent on changing the world. 

As a psychotherapist working primarily with helping professionals and other natural "givers" for over a decade, I've seen too many smart, kind people like you hold themselves back. 


Favoring polite over powerful, you avoid conflict and discomfort. 

Most people have been taught to believe that you can’t be kind and powerful at the same time, that you have to be passive to be nice.

That’s not true. You CAN be powerfully kind. And we need you.

When you are passive and give away your power, you end up being fearful, frustrated, and burned out. You wind up avoiding risks, staying in your comfort zone, and living small. 

It's time for that to change. I want compassionate, capable people to speak up and be heard. These are the people who need to be running the show.

I’m on a mission to teach people that they already have the right stuff to be effective truth tellers. I believe big-hearted, self-assured people with wise messages and the courage to communicate them are the changemakers the world needs. These changemakers are my tribe.


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